Master Hui is able to explain Feng Shui and Bazi in simple terms and real life examples has made his articles very easy to read, allowing people to learn more about the ancient wisdom and understand what success and true happiness about life are about.

Media Highlights

While Master Hui performs fortune-telling for celebrities very often, Master Hui has, to a certain extent, made himself a ‘celebrity’ by appearing on various kinds of media as regularly as the gorgeous artistes. Master Hui contributes frequently to titles such as You-weekly, Woman’s Weekly, Nuyou, Her World, Female, STYLE Living, Healthy Times, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily, and The Straits Times, sharing his knowledge and helping readers to resolve their problems.

Featured Books

Showcase of the published works of Master Hui in major Magazine, Newspaper and Media:

Featured Products

The Prosperous Toad

Good for enhancing money luck and the chance of windfall, as well as for accumulating wealth.

The Honourable Turtle

Good for avoiding villains and attracting honourable persons; good for warding off diseases and maintaining health.

The Auspicious Qilin

Good for warding off evil spirits and keeping one safe; good for resolving misfortunes.

The Popular Elephant

Good for enhancing wisdom and promoting academic and career performance.

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