Other than providing Feng Shui makeovers to help people improve their lives, Master Hui is very active in helping the needy through charity works. As he believes in giving back to the society, he works together with a number of local charity organisations for fund raising, and these include National Kidney Foundation, Ren Ci Hospital, Kwong Wai Shui Hospital, Moral Home For Disabled, Singapore Community Nursing Home and Handicaps Welfare Association. Locally, during the Chinese New Year, Master Hui visits the elderly who live in one-room HDB flats and gives out some red packets and hampers to them, wishing them joy and happiness in the new year. Regionally, Master Hui have led charity groups to poverty regions in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Africa and China, to offer food and donations to nursing homes, orphanages, schools and the poor living in slums. When a serious flood happened in Thailand, Master Hui rendered his help at once and personally went to Thailand to join in the charity drives. The benevolent efforts that Master Hui put in were recognised by the Thai Royals and he was summoned and rewarded by Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his family.

When the Sichuan earthquake and Myanmar typhoon disasters happened in 2008, Master Hui raised $60,000 and donated the whole sum to the Red Cross and the Chinese Embassy respectively. Master Hui took this benevolent action based on metta and in the hope that the assistance will help to make lives easier for the victims.

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