About Hui Master


Popular and Highly Regarded by Celebrities

Master Hui is a time-honoured and popular brand. He serves a vast clientele from different walks of life, who come to him for various kinds of concerns such as driving away bad luck, improving health, enhancing academic performances, stepping-up in career, and even promoting money luck. Since he started providing Feng Shui consultation services, he has always been kept busy by returning and new customers and has enjoyed roaring business.

Master Hui is frequented by celebrities not for no reasons. When MediaCorp artiste Henry Thia (also known as Hui Ge) was in the lowest point of his career, he consulted Master Hui and heed the latter's advices on Feng Shui remedies and layouts. After Master Hui taught him how to resolve the problems that he was facing, his career really changed for the better and the news was spread by word of mouth among the celebrities. Since then, many celebrities have come to Master Hui for advices.

Recognised And Awarded