About Hui Master


Inherited a Feng Shui business of 50 years

More than 20 years of experiences in Feng Shui consultation

Attained ISO 9001:2000 certification

Conferred the Golden Brand Award by IBS

Conferred the Heritage Brands Award

Conferred the Overseas Chinese Outstanding Achievement Award

Works as the Feng Shui consultant for various enterprises and organisations

TV celebrities' favourite Feng Shui master

Contributes "Daily Zodiac" for Lianhe Wanbao

Contributes "U Zodiac" for You-weekly

Contributes "Money luck and You" for Lianhe Wanbao

Contributes "Feng Shui classroom" for Shin Min Daily

Contributes "U Feng Shui" for You-weekly

Interviewed for Feng Shui advices on “Tab TV” programme on Channel 5, MediaCorp TV

Interviewed for Feng Shui advices on "On the beat" programme, Channel U, MediaCorp TV

Appeared on "Lunar New Year Eve’s Special 2009" programme on Channel 8, MediaCorp TV, to discuss the fortune for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs in the new year

Invited by established organisations to give Feng Shui talks and courses

First "Good Will Ambassador of Feng Shui" in Singapore who organises charity activities throughout the year

First Feng Shui Master in Singapore to design copyright Feng Shui items

First Feng Shui Master in Singapore who was called in by the Thai Royals

The Feng Shui Master who has the largest number of testimonials by satisfied clients

The Feng Shui Master who is very approachable and affordable, and has always been highly commended and respected

Has written and published the very popular annual series, Chinese Fortune Almanac, since 2006

Recognised And Awarded