While Master Hui performs fortune-telling for celebrities very often, Master Hui has, to a certain extent, made himself a ‘celebrity’ by appearing on various kinds of media as regularly as the gorgeous artistes. Master Hui contributes frequently to titles such as You-weekly, Woman’s Weekly, Nuyou, Her World, Female, STYLE Living, Healthy Times, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily, and The Straits Times, sharing his knowledge and helping readers to resolve their problems.

The fact that Master Hui is able to explain Feng Shui and Bazi in simple terms and real life examples has made his articles very easy to read, allowing people to learn more about the ancient wisdom and understand what success and true happiness about life are about. To date, Master Hui has helped celebrities such as Sherry Chen, Joey Swee, Henry Thia, Yvonne Lim, Apple Hong, Shaun Chen, Edmund Chen and Zheng Ge Ping to survey the Feng Shui at their homes, and shared his analysis on a column on Lianhe Wanbao. In his articles, Master Hui did not only comment on the Feng Shui problems at the celebrities' homes, but explained the remedies for improving different aspects, including marriage, career, health, money luck, etc. This regular column was very well-received by readers, as it is full of Feng Shui knowledge that was interesting and easy to be picked up.

In addition, Master Hui has written numerous influencing columns, including Daily Zodiac and a money luck column for Lianhe Wanbao, a Feng Shui educational column for Shin Min Daily, as well as Weekly Zodiac and a Feng Shui educational column for You-weekly. Since year 2006, Master Hui writes and publishes a Chinese Fortune Almanac each year, and the books were all sold out in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides, Master Hui often appears as a special guest on TV programmes, to share his knowledge and explain the profound theories of Feng Shui and metaphysics.

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