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The core of the brand

Master Hui speaks with a good sense of humour, but when it comes to work, he is very serious and dedicated. He often goes to his clients' houses for Feng Shui surveys, explaining its theories as he works out the remedies. Master Hui does not convey superstitious believes, but chooses to combine the scientific components of Feng Shui and modern design to create a favourable environment for his clients. His friendliness and sincerity have won him a lot of praises. Since Master Hui started his Feng Shui consultancy service in 1986, he has accumulated over 20 years of experiences and is recognised and trusted because of his seniority, professionalism and capabilities.

Master Hui holds Feng Shui seminars and workshops regularly, in order to share his knowledge and let others understand more about Feng Shui. In addition, he travels often in Asia to perform Feng Shui surveys for his clients. To date, he has been to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for various Feng Shui consultation assignments.

Professional services include:

Modern Feng Shui interior design (Residential)

Modern Feng Shui interior design (Commercial)

Choosing name for newborn

Changing of name

Fortune telling

Bazi reading

Choosing auspicious dates (for marriage, moving in or opening of business)

Choosing dates for caesarean

Placement of Buddha statue at home and the consecration ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony

Prayers for improving popularity, money luck and clearing obstacles

Consecration for Feng Shui items

Tibetan dZi bead that matches one's Bazi

Feng Shui seminars and courses

Recognised And Awarded