About Hui Master


While Master Hui performs fortune-telling for celebrities very often, Master Hui has, to a certain extent, made himself a 'celebrity' by appearing on various kinds of media as regularly as the gorgeous artistes. Master Hui contributes frequently to titles such as You-weekly, Woman's Weekly, Nuyou, Her World, Female, STYLE Living, Healthy Times, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily, and The Straits Times, sharing his knowledge and helping readers to resolve their problems.

The fact that Master Hui is able to explain Feng Shui and Bazi in simple terms and real life examples has made his articles very easy to read, allowing people to learn more about the ancient wisdom and understand what success and true happiness about life are about. To date, Master Hui has helped celebrities such as Sherry Chen, Joey Swee, Henry Thia, Yvonne Lim, Apple Hong, Shaun Chen, Edmund Chen and Zheng Ge Ping to survey the Feng Shui at their homes, and shared his analysis on a column on Lianhe Wanbao. In his articles, Master Hui did not only comment on the Feng Shui problems at the celebrities' homes, but explained the remedies for improving different aspects, including marriage, career, health, money luck, etc. This regular column was very well-received by readers, as it is full of Feng Shui knowledge that was interesting and easy to be picked up.

In addition, Master Hui has written numerous influencing columns, including Daily Zodiac and a money luck column for Lianhe Wanbao, a Feng Shui educational column for Shin Min Daily, as well as Weekly Zodiac and a Feng Shui educational column for You-weekly. Since year 2006, Master Hui writes and publishes a Chinese Fortune Almanac each year, and the books were all sold out in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides, Master Hui often appears as a special guest on TV programmes, to share his knowledge and explain the profound theories of Feng Shui and metaphysics.

Mr. Thomas Ting, winner of The Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2005

Before seeing Master Hui, Mr. Ting was a Sales Personnel in a security system company. He set up TJ Systems (S) Pte Ltd after asking for Master Hui's advices and his business took off immediately. Since then, Mr. Ting's electronic security systems business grows and he was conferred the prominent award in year 2005.

Mr. Chen Yong Li was facing all sorts of problems regarding his health, family, wealth and career.

Mr. Chen was facing all sorts of problems regarding his health, family, wealth and career. It felt like everything was going against his will and he was depressed and restless. After seeking Master Hui's Feng Shui advices, Mr. Chen won a sweepstake of $20,000 immediately. His work started to smoothen out and both his mother and sister began to enjoy better health. At the same time, his sister's academic results improved. He has since become a firm believer in Feng Shui.

Ms. Dong Shi Ling, when she found out that she was suffering from kidney stone problem, she was very affected.

When Ms. Dong found out that she was suffering from kidney stone problem, she was very affected. She was afraid and doubted if she should go ahead with a surgery. Coincidentally, she saw Master Hui's article in the papers and decided to seek his help. Master Hui suggested putting a Feng Shui item, the Wu Lu with Five Ancient Coins of the Five Qing Emperors, in front of her bed. Ms. Dong's health improved after heeding this advice, and to her surprise, her long-time gastric problem also disappeared.

Mr. Huang Chu Yu suffered from poor health and frequented the hospital for a very long time.

For a very long time, the Huangs suffered from poor health and frequented the hospital. In addition, Mr. Huang had never enjoyed a smooth career and was often upset over this. After Master Hui offered him some Feng Shui advices, things started to improve within a month. While he began to do well at work, the whole family also began to enjoy better health. Besides, Mr. Huang won the 4D grand prize for four times and the third prize for one time, despite the fact that he has never had much money luck in his life. This made him very happy. Although he is a Catholic, he completely recognises the theories of Feng Shui.

Mr. Xiao De Gui - It all began when Mr. Xiao moved into his new flat.

Not only did the whole family suffered from poor health generally, but his 3-year-old daughter started to suffer from asthma and he was laid off by his company. In order to make ends meet, he set up his own advertising company. Unfortunately, he made a loss in the midst of financial crisis and was driven into debt. During the lowest point of his life, he went to Master Hui for Feng Shui remedies. Since then, the family's health improved and his business picked up. He was able to pay off his debts, and much to the couple's delight, their daughter recovered from asthma completely. Within the two years that followed, the family struck Toto more than ten times and won more than $20,000 from 4D and sweepstakes, literally winning back the money spent on Feng Shui renovation.

Mr. Shen Jun Sheng had worked in a MNC company until it went through a series of restructuring that caused him his job.

Before that, he had always been suffering from insomnia, and the stress of retrenchment further affected his health. After moving into a new flat, the couple started to quarrel almost every day and their three children did not perform well in school. In other words, the whole family was thrown into turmoil. After Mr. Shen asked for Master Hui's advices, he managed to find a satisfactory job within three weeks. His sleep quality and relationship with his wife improved, and his daughter did well in her studies and even received a scholarship. Since then, the family has become more closely-knitted.

Ms. Shen Xiu Lian and her husband used to quarrel about money very often.

Both of them were not enjoying a smooth career and the financial burden just kept building up as they are raising two children. After Master Hui did a survey at their house and offered some remedies, Ms. Shen's career improved tremendously and was given a promotion and pay raise. Besides, her money luck was enhanced. She won big sweep and Toto many times and the small fortune helped her to resolve a lot of financial problems. "I can even afford a maid now!" a happy Ms. Shen said.

Mr. Cai Cong Yi's business was not doing very well.

Things just did not run smoothly for him and problems came up one after another in his factory. As a result, he was often in a bad mood. His wife suffered from body ache and could not sleep well. She had headaches very often and was in low spirits because of her poor health. As for their children, their son was not really interested in his studies, while their daughter often made them worried. After Master Hui offered them some Feng Shui advices, Mr. Cai's business improved and new deals came in progressively. At home, his wife started to have better sleep and the children began to perform better in school. At the same time, the couple had some windfall money after seeing Master Hui!

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